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Title: Customer Engagement and Business Development using Automation
Post by: Dorik_abhi on January 11, 2017, 01:39:08 AM
For a business to launch in full fledge and thrive in the ever growing marketplace, one needs to adapt automation in the business processes to function as needed. ;)
This creates a huge demand for Software Companies to take a rise, but, demand in a marketpalce like today always comes with a hitch in competition as it is not as tough to observe the growing demand of anything in the industry. This particular hike in the demand results in confusion for the customers as to which software should they opt for from this wide range of software available in the marketplace.
Recently there has been a noticeable hike in software buyers particularly in the Sales Force Automation Software ( and  Help Desk Software  (
This particular trend shows that businesses are now more and more concentrating on serving the customers and in better engagement with them by automating the customer service processes alongside automating the sales routes explaining the reason to improve the customer engagement.
Yes, Indeed better customer engagement has led to better sales opportunities in business and the market is understanding the opportunity and benefits of automating the business processes, what are your views on this?