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Author Topic: Mime::Parser  (Read 979 times)

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« on: February 23, 2017, 11:14:10 AM »

Okay, Maybe I am a total noob, but what is Mime::Parser Perl Library (needed for maiboxpro.cgi), where do I get it? How do I set it up?

I am trying to accomplish two things. 1) turn on the functionality for submitting via email with attachments, and 2) I am hoping it will parse the emails better, and use paragraph formatting as opposed to dumping things into one large block of text.

Any help would be appreciated, though I do recognize this forum is quite old.

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« Reply #1 on: March 03, 2017, 12:16:03 PM »

Okay, I kind of got the impression no one was around anymore to answer the forum questions.

I will answer this myself, if I can.

First, I am not a Perl guy, or a Linux guy, or a coder, I am just a guy who wants things to work. This program is great in its simplicity, and so I like it, but it has limitations, and so maybe the world has moved on. IDK. It works for me.

I have been on a journey so far with Perl.

I have a win 2008 R2 server. It has Apache, MySQL, PHP, and Perl installed. Since most of this takes place in Perl, I will only comment on that.

I have Perl 5.24 installed in the default location of c:\perl.

My Perl is ActivePerl from ActiveState. They offer free Perl, but also have a subscription service, which I do not subscribe to. If I did, I think the PPM manager (Perlís auto-module installer tool) would work for me, but since I donít, it mostly does not find anything to download.

In searching for Mime::Parser, I came to find that it is a part of Mime::tools, which I downloaded from CPAN,

However, I was not sure how to install it.

Turns out, Mime::tools has perquisites. I needed Dmake to uncompress it into an installable file.


Dmake did not require installing, instead I had to move the Dmake.exe and the Startup folder included in the download into a location that would be in my systems path entries. Since C:\perl is one of those locations, I copied both into there.

I was hoping it would just be a matter of installing Mime::tools, but I still did not have all the perquisites. Mime::Tools needed some items to be installed first. For me, these were Mail::Header, Date::Format, and Test::Deep.

Mail::Header I found was a part of Mailtools, a different download. So I got that, But mailtools also had a prerequisite of TimeDate, so I had to get that too.

Additionally, Mime::Tools has a prerequisite of Test::Deep so that I also obtained.

I unzipped these files to a location on my Perl server, and from there worked with them through a command prompt.

Each of these downloads had a file in them, which I could use to uncompress them (this might not be the right term, but it is similar to uncompressing if it is not). With the command prompt I navigated to the location where I stored them and ran the command:  Perl 

This produced files that would let them be installed into the Perl system.

For each of these tools I had to run additional commands.
Dmake  (note, this one was not required for Mime::tools, but I ran it anyway, it had no affect)
Dmake test
Dmake install

All of which I ran from the location where I stored these files, and after I had put Dmake in the Perl path, they all ran without error.

In order, I installed

Dmake (copied to the path location containing Perl, c:\perl for me)
Time::date, prerequisite for mailtools
Mailtools, prerequisite for Mime::tools
Test::deep, perquisite for Mime::tools
Mime::tools, which contains the mail parser.

All of these installed without error, and found all of the prerequisites they required.

Below are the download links I used, for however long they remain good.


At the end, TTX is still saying Mime::parser not found. Not sure what it still wants, could be the versions are wrong, or do not play well together or it could be I am still missing something, or it could be TTX is just too far behind Perl to keep up. I donít know. Still working on it.

If it seems useful, I may post again for others who may be looking for something on this. But we'll see. What if you throw a party and nobody comes?

Anyone reading, and might have some input on how I can get it to say Mime::Parser found, would be appreciated.

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