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Author Topic: [INFO] Undocumented Options  (Read 11528 times)
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« on: May 08, 2008, 10:27:44 PM »

I've started compiling a list of undocumented features built into TTX.  Activation is as simple as adding a line to your ttxcfg.cgi file.  Please PM me with additions & corrections.


1.  Not all of these have been fully tested so use at your own risk.
2.  The options that get added through the Setup interface are not included here.
3.  This is not a complete list... I've only included options that I've verified and excluded the ones I believe to be part of a future, not yet activated, feature.
4.  Some of these options require an optional module.

Date/Time Options-

time.long=1 - Forces time to always display full even if it's today
etime=1 - European Time Format
time.weekday=1 - Adds Day of Week in front of time stamp (Mon, Tues, etc.)
startyear=99 - The starting year in the date picker. (0 through 99 => 1900 to 1999 only) Cannot set any year past 1999

Ticket List Options-

qwindow.default=30 - Default number of tickets per page
colortickets=1 - Colors the text in Ticket List depending on status code

Email Options-

silent=1 - Skips sending email notifications to all operators
supervisor=oper1 - Set an operator as a supervisor and Cc: this operator in addition to operator on Ticket (It's been reported that using this feature blocks emails from going to the assigned Operator.)
claimnotice=1 - Sends a notification email when ticket is claimed
emaillist=N - Cc: Ticket Notifications - in conjunction with the Layout Designer module - HOW TO
mail2closed=1 - Allows email coming into a closed ticket to append instead of opening new ticket - in conjunction with the optional email module.  For web based submissions to append closed tickets click here.
maildatetag=1 - Adds a "send-date" header to messages in GMT - Adds a Bcc: email address to notifications

Ticket Screen Options-

default.internal=1 - Internal Checkbox is always checked - in existing Tickets only
askforname=1 - Places box on Ticket page giving customers option of changing name when responding

Operator Options-

grant.reports=oper1,oper2 - Designate only these operators to have "Reports" link
grant.alib=oper1,oper2 - Designate only these operators to have Answer Library editing functions
grant.delete=oper1,oper2 - Designate only these operators to have delete privileges
grant.edit=oper1,oper2 - Designate only these operators to have ticket editing privileges

Captcha Code-

captchamode=alt - Forces Captcha to work when GD Library is missing or not working.  TTX 2.23 and above

How to use TTX Styles...,4.msg305.html#msg305
« Last Edit: July 22, 2009, 02:16:42 PM by Sparky » Logged

Did you update the paths in ttxcfg.cgi after moving TTX to your new location?   Undecided
To those seeking help.... please report back when you figure it out.  Cheesy
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« Reply #1 on: May 09, 2008, 04:15:45 AM »

Please note that proper name would be "undocumented" rather than "hidden". Some of the features are experimental and may be depreciated. Some were introduced as custom features and are too specific to warrant a representation through System Setup form.

As to grant.* variables - some options are available through Operator Management form (setup.cgi) and as of version 2.24 the system uses alternate location to store permission attributes, however for compatibility issues it imports the grant.* variables as well, however processing of re-imports was never tested. Use on your own risk, and keep in mind: "undocumented" equals to "unsupported"...


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